Payroll Outsourcing

We manage the payroll and social security processes in an integral manner, guaranteeing a personalized, exact and timely service.

We develop and strengthen human resources services based on a close strategic relationship with our clients.

Concentrate on the reason of your economic activity and focus your efforts on the core of your business.

What are our main benefits?

Payroll outsourcing is a common practice in the business world that, in the middle of the digital era, has become an essential service.

  • Improves the strategic focus of your business.
  • It focuses the management of the Human Resources Director in the strategic competences of the area.
  • Decrease the risks associated with changes in legislation, de-updating of software and loss of information, among others.
  • Continuity of the operation.
  • Confidentiality of the operation.
  • Accompaniment to the requirements of social security entities and the UGPP.

Avanzando Juntos, We Win Together!

We design and structure the process to effectively meet the requirements of our clients.

We guarantee quality and confidentiality of information.

Specialized team in payroll and social security liquidation processes.

Modern and integral technological platform with the best operating practices of the market.

More about our Payroll Outsourcing service

  1. Who is GESATH?

    A work team with experience in Organizational Management. We offer solutions that contribute to the success of your business.

  2. How can we help in your business?

    Our main objective is to plan, organize, coordinate and control tasks that promote the efficient development of organizations.

  3. Why should you choose us?

    You should choose GESATH as your Payroll Outsourcing provider for our standardized processes, knowledge, experience, technology and human talent that, together, will provide reliability, efficiency and security in our work.

  4. What is our differential?

    We create a strategy for our clients, design the Payroll Outsourcing model by your side and implement the best structure for your business.

  5. I want to acquire the services, how do I contact you?

    There are different ways to get in touch with us, through the email on the phone +57 (1) 309 94 63 the mobile +57 314 298 71 93 or visiting our offices in CR 28c # 85 – 25 Bogotá, D.C. CO.

Doing things is much better than talking about them. Act!

Tom Peters, American researcher and lecturer

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