Security Studies

Reliability studies

We aid our clients in enhancing the effectiveness of their selection and hiring processes by providing a comprehensive report that contributes to decision-making based on risk profiles and data from public, socioeconomic, and legal sources.

Security Studies - Human Resources Experts

Key features of our Personal Security Studies service

We increase the efficiency of your processes, saving resources and enhancing quality by efficiently and timely executing critical tasks and processes in line with your business objectives.

Risk management:

Our Security Studies are the best way to predict a person's future behavior by knowing and analyzing their past behavior. Risk management in hiring personnel generates economic savings for companies by avoiding the hiring of unreliable personnel.

Talent verification

We have a team of specialists focused on specific aspects of Security Studies, verifying if the person applying to the process is truly who they claim to be, along with their family and environment, through empathic dialogue, analytical observation, and tools acquired from our professional experience.

Companies offering Employee Security Studies

To ensure that your company has highly reliable talent capable of performing their duties, it’s necessary to confirm legal aspects of the candidate through various tools that help achieve this goal.

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Human Resources Specialists

We facilitate the processes of Human Talent Management

Security Studies in Colombia

By conducting security studies with GESATH Outsourcing, your company will have access to the expertise of our highly qualified specialists aligned with the needs of your business.

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